Mahsa Shoaran
Assistant Professor
Deptartment: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Address: 428D Phillips Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
Phone: (607) 255-3974
Email: shoaran at cornell dot edu

Research: Our research lies at the intersection of circuit design, machine learning, and neuroscience, and our mission is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic devices for medication-resistant neurological disorders including epilepsy, alzheimer’s, chronic migraine, and parkinson’s. In particular, we use advanced circuit design techniques to build ultra-low-power and miniaturized system-on-chips that can record neural activity, detect brain dysfunction in real time, and respond by therapeutic intervention such as neuromoluation. We use machine learning techniques to enable accurate and reliable detection of disease-related biomarkers.

Postdoc and PhD positions are available at Prof. Shoaran’s lab. Qualified candidates are encouraged to send their CV to or